Marbled started as a personal urge to prove and resulted in an ode. Marike wanted to prove herself that branding is not always necessary, despite her deep love for very well executed brands.

Over time, she noticed the elusive fact that most interior images seemed successful only when renowned design objects were used for the styling. In this particular study she was triggered by Aesop; one of her favorite brands often used in her own photo shoots for bathroom brand Not Only White.

Marike wanted to know what would happen if a design became detached from its brand, and therefore its prestige. In order to detach, it had to become unbranded. However, the visual beauty of its appearance must be preserved.

First, she made a selection of 4 care products from the Aesop range. She then decided which material would emphasize the shape of each item without losing details. The choice to use marble can be found in the sculptural look and feel of the material itself.

Marike turned each item into a timeless object. Still ready to be used for photography, only this time as a silent participant and an ode to Aesop.